CARY connects

Video calling for care homes – simple, intuitive video solutions combined with an intelligent booking calendar.

Advantages for residents and family members

CARY enables residents and their family members to see each other virtually. The whole family can gather together with just one click. Independent of distance, visiting times or physical limitations.


  • Participation is possible worldwide
  • Video visits complement visits in person


  • Intuitive operation via one single button
  • Simple online booking for family members


  • More privacy for residents
  • The connection is secure, the data is protected

Advantages for care homes

With CARY you enable residents, their family members and their friends to meet outside of the normal visiting times. You will be able to monitor this, as you can determine on which days and between which times video calls are possible. Your employees will be able to concentrate fully on their most important tasks.

Less administration

  • The booking is done automatically by the residents’ family members
  • The coordination of appointments by telephone becomes redundant
  • You can determine when appointments are available


  • CARY is perfectly adaptable to the daily nursing routine
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Hassle-free technology


  • Secure, encrypted and GDPR-conformant communication

This is how CARY works.

You will be provided with a CARY solution that is suited to your requirements.
You determine on which days and at which times video calls can take place. stattfinden.
You provide the residents with access to the video system.
Family members or friends book an appointment on your CARY portal.
The appointment will automatically be stored in the system and invitations will be sent via e-mail. Family members or friends can then invite further participants.
Family members or friends can start the video call via the link at the agreed time.


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