New Work

The world of work is becoming ever-more flexible. We create tailored concepts and implement practical solutions that suit your business and your workforce.

Rakete als Symbol für New Work

Working together perfectly – and digitally.

There are always lots of questions at the outset. Our New Work consulting is based on comprehensive staff surveys and analyses of your current situation. After that, we can advise you soundly and provide answers. We then draw up user-centred concepts providing a foundation for satisfied and successful staff. When you implement them, we support you technologically and in communicating with the various user groups – from company agreements with employee organisations, to training for technicians and managers, to instructions on how to use the technology.

Videokonferenz mit mehreren Mitarbeitern

Meet, present, conference online.

Your business needs collaboration software that is easy, intuitive and powerful – whether used on desktop or mobile or in a room system. Use immersive sharing to show you and your presentation on one screen. Have meetings and events translated or transcribed in real time. Or use AI to improve your meetings with gesture recognition. We and our partners can provide you with all of that.


Digital work made secure.

Our solutions focus on security and compliance from the outset, because broadening a working environment always increases the security risk. We employ a mix of the latest and proven tools. Attacks on businesses are aimed more and more at selected individuals. Our security awareness training for your staff will make them alert to potential risks and help them counteract the trend.

Green Room mit mehreren Kameras und heller Beleuchtung
Das Steuerungspult des Green Rooms

Hire our Green Room.

Live streaming, online meetings, training courses, coaching, interviews, discussions and recordings for presentations: we can provide you with a full-service universal setting in which to develop your ideas and live events. Green Room studio, 4K cameras, perfect lighting and sound, a separate production room with video workstation. All easy to hire, with the support of our team if you need it.

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Eine junge Frau präsentiert bei dem New Work Event

We turn your online meeting into a real event.

avodaq helps you to plan, implement and moderate digital and blended events. Benefit from our experience with a wide range of meeting software and platform solutions to make sure your event goes off smoothly. Or you can book our full service at the avodaq green room studio in Hamburg.


Even freedom needs rules.

New Work may mean more freedom, but even that requires rules. The way we work together still has to be organised, especially in bigger companies. We can help your works council and management to find the right settings and formulations with which to use new systems in a New Work environment.

Bunte Kugeln vor schwarz weißen Hintergrund

Make change easier.

New technologies and ways of working place a lot of previously unknown demands on staff. To make sure it doesn’t become too much, our change management experts can assist your workforce and make it easy to get going in New Work.

Heavn Lampe auf dem Schreibtisch
Heavn Lampe wird auf dem Handy über eine App bedient
Bedienungsleiste der Heavn Lampe
Heavn lights

The lamp that has you glowing in videoconferences.

Light has a major effect on our well-being and performance. Our partner HEAVN Lights has the perfect solution for both the office for working from home. The HEAVN One recreates the light intensity and colour of daylight and adapts its colour spectrum either automatically to the course of the day, or to your particular needs if you ask it to. From activating to relaxing – it always glows.

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