The avodaq Code of Conduct

The following Code of Conduct (CoC) forms the basis for trustworthy cooperation at avodaq. We can refer to these when making decisions or solving problems in our everyday professional lives.

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We stand for trustworthy cooperation and joint success

Trust is our most valuable asset. The CoC is a binding guideline for avodaq AG established by the Executive Board. It is based on generally applicable social manners and guidelines adopted from national and international business life and based on the laws applicable at the time. It is supplemented by internal guidelines and regulations as well as contractual agreements. In case of doubt, valid laws always take precedence over the CoC.


"It's great to see how warmly my colleagues treat each other. It is huge fun to work with them."

Andreas Kusch, our CEO


We take responsibility

The CoC is intended to serve as a guide for avodaq employees and to sensitize them to act responsibly within the framework of applicable laws, regulations and other rules in their daily work and private lives.

Environmental protection

As a business enterprise, we bear responsibility for the environmental compatibility and sustainability of our products, locations and services. We rely on proven, environmentally friendly, low side-effect, advanced and efficient technologies and products.

All avodaq employees should take environmental protection issues into consideration in the course of their work and use resources and energy appropriately and sparingly. Our aim is to avoid waste and pollution.

Human rights

Respect for applicable regulations designed to protect human rights is an integral part of our corporate responsibility. Every employee should respect the dignity and personal rights of every colleague and third-party with whom the company has a business relationship.

Data protection and information security

We consider the protection of data and information to be self-evident. It is extremely important to us to avoid the negligent handling and improper disclosure of personal data or confidential/restricted information. The rules for correct behaviour in the physical world also apply “online”. Furthermore, always observe the regulations in your employment contract.

Conflicts of interest

We respect the personal interests and private lives of our colleagues. However, we make a point of avoiding conflicts between private and business interests, or even preventing them from arising in the first place. We make our decisions exclusively on the basis of objective criteria and do not allow ourselves to be influenced by personal interests and relationships. Please avoid situations that create or appear to create a conflict between your personal benefit and the interests of avodaq.

Gifts and gratuities

We encourage you to build relationships with customers, partners, service providers, vendors and suppliers. This may include the provision of meals, gifts and entertainment where appropriate. Any gratuity must always remain within appropriate limits. In the case of recipients who are employed in the public sector or whose employer is subject to public law, gratuities and gifts must generally be avoided.

Corruption and bribery

Corruption shakes trust, jeopardises economic and social development and damages fair trade. We would rather give up business opportunities than pay bribes. Our employees are prohibited from accepting bribes or their equivalents.

Dealing with finances

We strictly comply with the legal framework for proper accounting and financial reporting. Transparency and correctness are our top prioritiest.

Applicable laws

It is natural for us to consistently comply with the law and to make use of our legal rights when necessary. avodaq also reserves the right to involve the judicial authorities if there are reasonable grounds to suspect that current or former employees have committed a criminal offence in connection with their work at avodaq.

Our Code of Conduct for download

In order to define our basic principles, we have established a Code of Conduct at avodaq 2022. This is binding for every employee. Would you like to learn more? We are happy to share the complete document with you.

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