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Our responsibility for environmental,
economic and social issues.

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Environmental Social Governance

Our sustainability concept

Our sustainability agenda engages with environmental, economic and social aspects. We wish to improve in all three areas and are always looking for ways save more resources.

We are ready to invest in this aim and are thinking about how to achieve tangible results through changes in behaviour.

We have laid down principles for our day-to-day activity in a Code of Conduct. In addition to our ESG guidelines, this includes fundamental values such as equal opportunities, transparency and security.

More information in the Code of Conduct

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We protect our environment

  • We advise clients on the potential savings provided by modern technology. We are also mindful of the energy consumption of our IT equipment.
  • We issue digital invoices and receipts. We save paper by using electronic signatures.
  • When selecting our offices, we make sure they are easy to reach with public transport.
  • We actively encourage cycling with bike leasing opportunities.
  • We prevent waste by providing glass containers for lunch.
  • We heat as needed and predominantly use green electricity and energy-efficient lighting.
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We value sustainable management

  • When selecting our suppliers and partners, we look at their sustainability management.
  • We are travelling less, using video conferences instead.
  • We want our products and their valuable materials to join the circular economy. We take back most of our products in order to have them recycled by the manufacturers.
  • We check investments for efficiency, sustainability and long-term benefit.

  • The proportion of women in upper management is above average.
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We respect the people around us

  • We create an environment that permits the development of the individual and of the group.
  • We enjoy our work and celebrate our successes together.
  • We provide our talented employees with opportunities and challenges.
  • We have been working partially from home since 2002. It is now part of our culture.
  • We take numerous measures to promote our employees’ health.
We donate

Responsibility for others

Every year, we support several regional projects near our locations with donations. In this way, we also ensure healthy and enduring fellowship beyond avodaq. Recipients include associations, public institutions and a small honey farm.

EcoVadis Broze
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How we measure up

Our awards

To ensure that our efforts to continuously improve our sustainability practices are in line with increasing requirements and to demonstrate our future capability, we undergo regular testing. EcoVadis has offered sustainability ratings for companies since 2007. Over 130,000 participating companies worldwide are proof of the quality of this award – and this is why we opted for this renowned provider. We have now achieved Bronze status and are working continuously to improve in every area.

We have also obtained an ‘Environmental Sustainability Specialisation’ at our main supplier, Cisco Systems. All haptic products we sell are manufactured in accordance with the company’s ambitious sustainability goals. As a partner, we contribute to the achievement of these goals.