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Mobile working - it's all in the mix!


03. Mar 2023 | 2 min.

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he world of work is in transformation and has changed permanently as a result of the pandemic. There is no universal recipe for success for “New Work”. Employers and employees have to find a new basis for cooperation. In this article we report on the current developments on the market and our personal experience and journey.

About three years ago, companies were forced to react quickly and set the switches for working from home. Today, the signs are good for workers to go back to the office.[1] However, home office is still in vogue and an integral part of working life for many – around 25% of workers continue to work from home. Before the pandemic, it was 15%. A popular formula is the 60:40 formula – 3 days in the office, 2 days at home or vice versa.[2]

Companies have used the time to adapt to the changing circumstances and many are still doing so. According to a Handelsblatt survey, more and more companies are cutting office space and thus reducing their costs as a result of increased mobile working.[3] There are also companies that are ordering their employees back to the office. At Amazon, for example, a new regulation will come into force on 1 May 2023, according to which employees are to work “predominantly” in the office, but at least three days per week.[4]

At avodaq, we chose a different path. During the pandemic, we took the bull by the horns and used the offices that were empty due to the home office obligation to refurbish our offices. For our CEO Andreas Kusch, it was clear from the start that the corporate culture of avodaq would continue to focus on personal exchange.

Mobiles Arbeiten - Meeting mit Videokonferenz mit großen Monitoren von Cisco

Expansion in Hamburg

We moved into an additional floor at our headquarters in Hamburg about three years ago and renovated and redesigned it from the ground up. In order to meet the changing needs, we opted for a mix of shared desk areas and fixed offices. We also created a huddle space for smaller meetings and another spacious conference room, well equipped with Cisco video terminals and a digital whiteboard.

Der avodaq Urban Garden im Hamburger Office

In the firm conviction that communication will be hybrid in the future and that a large part of the meetings will continue to take place face-to-face in our office. Not only in terms of professional exchange, but also socialising over a coffee, a round of darts or lunch. Therefore, in addition to a spacious lunch area, we realised a coffee lounge and a sports bar. In summer 2021, we created an urban garden on our roof terrace. This provides a new habitat for plants and animals, but also makes our colleagues happy. The garden is maintained by a small avodaq team.

Openings & moves

In April 2021, we opened an office in Leipzig and moved to larger facilities in Stuttgart with a prime location at the airport. In 2022, our office in Berlin also moved to a new location. We made a strategic decision to expand there as well – beyond our current needs. This is a further commitment to our growth course and to local exchange.

New dimensions of digital communication

Digital communication across various locations and daily video calls have been part of our daily routine as an IT service provider for years. In this sense, the change in working methods was certainly easier for us than for other companies from a purely technical point of view. Nevertheless, rethinking was also necessary for us. Formats had to be created that would improve internal communication and reach all employees everywhere. Likewise, we also wanted to give clients the opportunity to expand their digital capabilities. In this context, our green screen studio was created in the Hamburg office. Our 28 m² recording studio enables new dimensions of digital presentation and communication. This allows us to display interactive presentations, panel discussions and interviews in a lively and attractive way.

avodaq Networkers - Kollegen treffen sich vor Ort. Eine willkommene Abwechslung zu Mobilem Arbeiten.

Investments take time

Big investments, especially in economically challenging times and in the face of an ongoing pandemic. For our CEO, an investment in the future of the company and in our people. However, the fruits of these investments needed time to grow and be harvested.

With an outdoor “Back to the Office” event, we set the first impulses for a return to the offices after the legal requirements allowed it.

Over the time, exactly what we had hoped for developed: Most of our employees continue to enjoy coming to the office! They are happy to see each other in person, to have a chat on the sofa in the coffee lounge, to implement joint workshops. We love short lines of communication and open doors.

Confidence in the staff

Clearly, mobile work is here to stay. The future is hybrid. Our mobile working regulation came into force a half year ago. Setting this up was no easy undertaking, as there were many aspects to consider. In the end, the result was a regulation with the greatest possible flexibility for employees. Mobile working is particularly welcomed. Nevertheless, it is important that we continue to promote exchange, learning and community – which works best together.

As individual as people are, so are their needs. Families, life planning or even sometimes (not) self-chosen life situations are highly personal factors. We try to bring these together in the best possible way for our employees in their working lives. Of course, we strive to be successful as a company, but we are convinced that this can only be achieved with motivated and satisfied employees!

Jens Simmeth, Head of People & Culture, avodaq AG

The regulation avoids prescribing the number of days in the office. Again, we count on personal responsibility and the motivation of our employees to go to the office regularly and organise appointments on site. Initially, this is a pilot project until the end of 2023, but so far it looks like we can stick with the arrangement. It shows that trust in the employees pays off. And it shows that the corporate culture makes the key difference!

And what will the future bring? That remains to be seen! It certainly won’t be boring. Companies must offer security, but also remain flexible. They need a management that gives trust and is ready to make decisions for the company at the critical moments. And they clearly need engaged employees who want to help shape the future and take responsibility for the company’s success.



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