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avodaq receives NewWork Excellence seal of approval

Award for excellent agile and innovative companies.

Das G├╝tesiegel NewWork Excellence, das avodaq verliehen wurde.

Digitization, new forms of work and cultural change – the world of work is undoubtedly changing. Essential factors of a successful digital transformation are not least innovation, agility and the courage to change.

This applies once again to IT companies. It is therefore all the more gratifying that avodaq AG has been awarded the NewWork Excellence Seal of Approval 2022 / 2023 as part of an independent audit.

What is the NewWork Excellence seal of approval?

The seal of approval is awarded annually by bayme vbm to companies that excel in innovation and agility. The seal confirms that the awarded company not only works agilely, but also aligns its corporate culture, leadership, work organization and work design with agility..

Awarding process of the seal of approval

To receive the seal of approval, we went through a two-stage process developed by the Institute for Employment and Employability IBE at the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences on behalf of the Bavarian metal and electrical employers’ association bayme vbm. It consisted of documents to be submitted and an on-site audit.

Further information on the seal can be found here.