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The average age of our employees is only 36 years, and young talents are continuously encouraged in our company. We want to build on this strength, which is why we introduced our new young network: the avodaq Next Generation.

What is avodaq Next Generation?

The Next Generation has two main goals. First, the focus is on further education, which will be accomplished through exciting speakers, training courses and the internal transfer of knowledge.
Second, networking is a key element for the group. There will be collective events, enabling our young talents to get to know each other better and discuss current topics together.

avodaq next generation video seminar

Our first event

Our first Next Generation event took place on 2 July. We were able to enlist CEO Andreas Kusch as our first speaker, who described his own career development over the years until reaching his current position and who also gave an insight into the history and development of avodaq as a company. The head of our HR department Jens Simmeth was connected via video call from Cologne. He emphasised how important this new network is for our young colleagues, as a platform to reach out to each other. Participants were then required to work in teams – completing virtual team games in breakout sessions. This gave them the chance to find themselves on the podium and also to win a meal voucher as a prize.

avodaq next generation videokonferenz

We received really positive feedback from the more than 30 event participants. They especially liked learning more about the history of avodaq and the team games. All in all, it was a great kickoff event for the Next Generation!

In addition, we are always looking for young talents to support, for example with dual study programmes or trainee programmes. You can find all our job postings here.

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