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We promise you’ll talk to experts from the get-go – people who know not only the technology, but also the features of your IT environment. We will get to know your processes and documentation, anticipate future demands and maintain a central service database containing all of the relevant information which you can access at any time.

The following sections tell you exactly what we do to look after your IT, and to be ready to help you quickly and reliably, day and night.


A head start thanks to preparation.

Our service portfolio
As our client, you will decide on the vertical range of manufacture and procure the things you need, as and when you need them. We deliver our IT services “straight from the socket” and invoice you the way you want. Our managed service packages cover the fields of collaboration, network, security and data centres.
We can operate small sections or whole units of your IT infrastructure. And we can adapt ourselves seamlessly to the standards and processes of our clients, as if we were a part of their own internal IT organisation.
This is where you operate your systems yourself, and occasionally discuss complex issues with one of our experts. If a fault occurs, or if you need the support of a device manufacturer, our systems engineers – who are trained in service processes – move into action.
We check your systems at regular intervals and draw up test reports that include results and recommendations. This helps you detect and rectify problems early on.
We maintain an overview of your service agreements and licences, harmonise your licence periods and optimise existing models We will supply you at regular intervals with a transparent report on the current status of your hardware and software components and relevant life cycle information from the manufacturers involved.

Automation – DevNet and ASC Tooling

More success automatically

More and more IT infrastructure is being developed with an API-first approach. avodaq uses Cisco DevNet extensively in its own solutions, allowing it to automate IT service processes.

avodaq service devnet asc

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