Managed SD-WAN

With a Managed Secure SD-WAN (Software-defined WAN) from avodaq to a fully automated, secure Wide Area Network.

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Requirements for your location networking and the availability of the cloud are high, with a rising trend. You can only remain successful and competitive in the long term with efficient business processes and an appealing customer experience. At the same time, increasing hybrid infrastructures and security solutions are challenging IT more and more. So how can you meet the increasing demands without further increasing the complexity of your network?

Static Network vs. modern SD-WAN
The Comparison

Static concepts vs. modern SD-WAN

Traditional corporate networks do not fully meet the requirements of modern business processes and cloud services. The WAN, the link between the locations in the corporate network, the data centres and the Internet, becomes the literal eye of the needle. SD-WAN enables the construction of high-performance WAN infrastructures using previous connection technologies or more cost-effective options.

Managed SD-WAN

Top 7 advantages

Benefit from the numerous added values.

  1. Optimised connection of cloud services (O365, SAP, etc.)
  2. Independence in provider selection
  3. Transformation of CAPEX into OPEX in the managed service
  4. Automatic management in the network
  5. Better use of existing network quality and redundancies
  6. Integrated security to the end user
  7. Application Aware Routing for business-critical applications

Our holistic SD-WAN portfolio

With our “Managed Secure SD-WAN Service” you benefit from secure, efficient and globally available site networks. And that with highest availability and optimised cloud connectivity. With strong partners such as Cisco, ngena, Fortinet and Megaport, we offer great opportunities to set up your company for the future. Together with you, we develop the optimal service model for you. Whether in-house, with or without provider management, we have the perfect solution.

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Full Managed Service

Customised service

If you wish, we can take over the entire control and monitoring of your SD-WAN, including provider management. This gives you more flexibility in the network and at the same time relieves your IT. In addition, you benefit from our many years of experience, our high-quality standards and the know-how of our certified technicians. Service is a top priority for us in every area. Discover our extensive range of services here.

Discover our range of services!

Is SD-WAN the right thing for you?

If you can answer “yes” to two of the following points, the answer is clearly: Absolutely!

  • Do you use cloud services, such as Office 365?
  • Do your employees also work in home offices?
  • Are you planning to connect new locations and DC sites?
  • Do you want to automatise IT maintenance processes?
  • Do you want more resources for your own core business?
  • Do you provide your customers with IT services from a data centre or the cloud?
  • Do you focus on security within the network and aim for a standardised security policy?
  • Do you want to stay technologically up to date without permanently buying new hardware and similar equipment?
  • Are you in the process of ISO 27001, BSI-Grundschutz or other certifications?

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