Balanced Security for your business.

Protect your business with our comprehensive security approach against cyberattacks. From conventional IT security to security management, cloud security and industrial IT security, all the way to the rigorous upholding of regulations, you can depend on our expertise.

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Customised security.

Whether you want to upgrade the security of your existing infrastructure or plan everything anew, we can advise you comprehensively and offer specific, tailor-made solutions. The basis of good IT security is always modern infrastructure. Building on that, we design security architectures that meet the toughest requirements, including in the KRITIS field.


Protect against attacks.

The steady spread of digitalisation and networking confronts IT security with evergrowing challenges. The number of endpoints that have to communicate with each other is always on the rise, and with it the number of different attack vectors. The use of cloud services and hybrid infrastructures demands the very latest technology and intelligent solutions in the field of IT security that can protect your data and networked production facilities against attacks.

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Prevention, detection, reaction.

Good security management involves intelligent, coordinated components. We use SOAR to improve weak-point management in your business by means of automation. SIEM detects potential attacks and unusual events. And SOC responds when needed. This can automatically quarantine potentially infected IT units with the help of AI and microsegmenting, in order to prevent the whole system from being compromised.


Connecting everything together securely.

Cloud services offer significant advantages, but they can also be a risk to your IT. avodaq offers the expertise you need to securely connect public clouds, private clouds and leased computer centres. We build secure SD-WAN infrastructures, draw up rights and concepts, and monitor data flows. We can also install and maintain package filters and IPS systems in Hyperscaler environments.

Cisco SD-WAN
Cisco Umbrella
Cisco SASE
Cisco Secure Workload
virtual Firepower Threat Defense (vFTD)
Fortinet SD-WAN
Fortinet SASE
FortiGate Virtual Appliance
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Ensuring endpoints don’t become weak points.

Work from home, increasing access to internal networks using mobile devices like phones and tablets, and concepts like BYOD (bring your own device), bring new challenges to IT security. Some of our foremost responses to this include endpoint detection and response solutions, malware protection, sandboxing, data loss prevention (DLP) and strategic device management.

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Industry 4.0 needs Security 4.0.

The intelligent networking of production processes, machines and administration makes production faculties a target for cyberattacks. You need specialised security measures and concepts to protect your production against the worst-case scenario of shutdown. Our solutions are called visibility, segmenting, detection and reaction.


Security assured.

IT infrastructures are no longer designed just to fulfil the demands of a business. They have to comply with legal requirements and regulations as well. ISO 27001, BSI 3.0 and B3S are just some of the standards that have to be upheld. Many of our clients work in the KRITIS field. We assist our clients actively in every audit and in complying with every regulation.

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Strengthening human defences.

The human factor is highly significant to IT security. Our change management and IT security experts can advise and train you and your staff. Security awareness training and phishing simulations help create the awareness and knowledge you need to recognise attacks and defend against them, helping smart New Work models become secure working models.

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Security hardware and software.

We offer security from the endpoint, to the network, to the server. Here are some of our components and programs:

Firewalls: Cisco Secure Firewall & Fortigate

  • Email security: Cisco Secure Mail
  • Secure Web Gateway: Cisco Umbrella
  • Endpoint protection: Cisco Secure Endpoint
  • Anomaly detection: Cisco Secure Network Analytics
  • Application security: Cisco Secure Workload
  • Threat intelligence: Talos and FortiGuard Labs
  • Multi-factor authentication: Cisco Duo

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