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From grey to green - our urban garden

More green for us and our hardworking neighbors.

avodaq Kollegen und Kolleginnen gießen gemeinsam die Blumen des Urban Gardens

 Our roof terrace – which had been unused until now – an urban garden has been created. The small garden is meant to provide food particularly for our busy neighbours, the bees from Union Investment. However, at the same time, it will be a small oasis for all our colleagues.

The six raised beds (expansion is possible), potting compost, equipment and a water tank were provided. An internal gardeners‘ team is responsible for the planting and maintenance of our new urban garden.

Good growth opportunities

Apart from pre-bred pumpkin plants, various herbs and bee-friendly plants such as mustard and phacelia were seeded. The first bees and butterflies have already had a look and they seem to like it. It’s going to be exciting to see what will grow and thrive here over the next few weeks.

Eine Foto collage vom gemeinsamen Ernten im Urban Garden

First harvest

A little update from the fall: bees, butterflies and insects have settled in well with us. In addition to a beautifully colorful mix of wildflowers and vibrant yellow mustard seed, we have already been able to harvest basil, small pumpkins, a strawberry and a lot of radishes this year. We are already looking forward to spring!