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We Are avodaq: Interview with Student Moysha

about her career at avodaq


30. Apr 2024 | 3 min.

Moysha am Empfang des Hamburger Offices

Hello Moysha, nice to have you here! Everyone who has visited our Hamburg office probably knows you from our reception. Why don’t you tell us who you are and how you came to avodaq?

Hello, I’m Moysha, 23 years old and was born in Hamburg with American roots. I’ve been with avodaq for about two years. Before that, I worked in a well-known fast food restaurant for a few years. Somehow I needed a change. Fortunately, I heard about avodaq through our colleague Vivien and applied to work here as a working student at reception. And then everything happened very quickly.

You are pursuing an exciting career at avodaq. You recently started your dual study programme with us. What are you studying and why did you choose avodaq?

Yes, exactly. It all worked out really well! My remote study programme didn’t work out so well for me back then. While I flourished here at work, I lacked social contacts at university and my motivation gradually faded. Andreas (editor’s note: Andreas Kusch, CEO and Management Board member) himself gave me the idea of starting a dual study programme at avodaq. And now, since the 1st of March, I am officially a dual student in Business Administration and Project Management Assistant at avodaq. I go to university two days a week and spend three days in the office. That’s perfect for me.

Die Dualen Studentinnen Moysha und Vivien im Gespräch
Moysha with colleague Vivien

Wow, that’s a really great development! It seems there is a reason why our reception is called avodaq’s talent factory for juniors. Why do you think that is?

The best thing about working at reception is that you get a great overview of everything from the first day. You get to know all your colleagues, customers and partners. And, of course, all the parcel delivery staff for the entire company. For many people, reception is the first point of contact in the company. At the same time, everyone looked after me really well. Especially when I was new and on my own for a day. Internal IT in particular gave me a lot of support, even though it wasn’t really their job. That bonded us together. I would do it all again in exactly the same way. In the meantime, avodaq has become my second home.

"I would do it all again in exactly the same way. In the meantime, avodaq has become my second home."

A dual study programme requires a lot of discipline and determination. Have you found it easy to get started so far?

The main benefit is that I already know many of my colleagues at avodaq. But it is challenging to learn the basics of project management. There is a very detailed training schedule for me and I also have the time to study. I definitely enjoy coming to work. There’s something new every day. The university is very demanding, but I also get a lot of support and tools. It’s nice that I can do the university with Sabrina, who also switched from reception to the dual study programme.

What do you like about working in IT?

To be honest, I’ve never had much to do with IT and technology in the past. It was just there. Now I no longer take these things for granted and find it exciting to see what’s behind it all. And now in project management, I’m also learning a lot about our technologies. I find that very interesting. A few more women could dare to go into IT. I’ve definitely found a nice place here at avodaq. I like the relaxed and open interactions. And you can always develop yourself further at avodaq if you want to.

"A few more women could dare to go into IT."

Der Gospel Train Hamburg bei einem Auftritt © Gospel Train
© Gospel Train Hamburg

And now to you personally… You have a special hobby that has accompanied you for many years.

Yes, I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember! I grew up in a very musical family. My mum was in the choir and also on stage. My father was a rapper and dance teacher. All my siblings are musically talented. I started singing in the school choir at the age of 10 and later joined Gospel Train Hamburg. The last few years I’ve had one or two rehearsals a week and performances at the weekends. We often give benefit concerts. For example, for Herz AS, a shelter for homeless people, or as part of the  „Mehr als eine warme Mahlzeit“ initiative. In this project, a Christmas party is organised for over 400 people in need. With a three-course meal and musical entertainment, which we were then responsible for.

Moysha's cake with a Minecraft theme

What does singing mean to you?

The choir has given me a lot of support over the last few years. It’s a really great team spirit there. I also think it’s great that we support social projects. However, I no longer take part in every performance, as I want to give the younger members a chance. Besides singing, I also have other projects and interests. I made a bet with our colleague Malik that we would both start judo again. I did that until I was 16 years old. I’m also passionate about baking. It’s like meditation for me, I can switch off really well. Except for the decorating – that’s where the perfectionism comes through.

You said that avodaq is your second home. What makes avodaq special for you?

The teamwork is simply great! We have a lot of freedom and the working atmosphere is great. I like the cooperation across departments. There is an intranet, for example, where the individual departments introduce themselves and a lot of information is provided and shared. I find that very helpful. Everyone makes a lot of effort. In the office, it’s mainly the small conversations that happen throughout the day. That’s simply fun. When my colleagues were informed that I was starting a dual study programme at avodaq, I received lots of lovely messages and congratulations. I was really happy about that.

Thank you, Moysha, for your openness and your time. We look forward to working with you in the future and wish you much success with your dual study programme.