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How Digitization Influences Recruitment Processes in Asia

“How can digital working environments improve talent recruitment from Asia for German enterprises?” — This was the topic at today's panel discussion at the “Talent Pool Asia” event, where avodaq CEO Andreas Kusch took part and talked about his experience. The conclusion was that it is not just about the perfect technical prerequisites. The successful creation of international teams requires an understanding of each of the cultures involved. Change begins with ourselves. This year, Google Germany GmbH also supported the event series, which was first initiated in 2014 by the OAV — German Asia-Pacific Business Association and the Chamber of Commerce.

How can digital working environments enhance talent recruitment from Asia for German enterprises?
How can digital working environments enhance talent recruitment from Asia for German enterprises?
The participants of the panel discussion
The participants of the panel discussion


avodaq Sponsor of the "Formula 1 in Schools" Technology Competition

On 11th  February 2017, the state final of the  "Formula 1 in Schools"  technology competition was held in the German city of Hamburg. The GhostRacers team (from the Matthias-Claudius-Gymnasium advanced secondary school) sponsored by avodaq was able to impress the jury and achieve third place in the Junior category. The team was also presented with a special award for the Best Junior Stand! The competition requires participants to use state-of-the-art technology to develop miniature Formula 1 racing cars, for example by producing some vehicle components on 3D printers. It provides school pupils with an insight into the fields of product development, technology and science and introduces them to the different career paths available in the world of technology. We place a special focus on supporting the further education and training of young talents in the classic STEM subjects and are therefore extremely pleased with both this initiative and our team's excellent achievement!

The GhostRacers team tells the jury all about its stand
The GhostRacers team tells the jury all about its stand.
Miniature Formula 1 racing cars
Miniature Formula 1 racing cars


The Refugee First Response Center (RFRC) wins the Aspirin Social Innovation Award

The year 2016 came to a close with excellent news for avodaq: the RFRC  project was able to impress the jury and be crowned as a winner of the Aspirin Social Innovation Award 2016  2016! The RFRC is a mobile medical practice that uses state-of-the-art video technology to offer live interpreting services in over 50 languages in order to assist treatment procedures. 10 RFRC containers have been funded by the Dorit and Alexander Otto Foundation and installed at different refugee reception centres in the German city of Hamburg. The container concept was developed and implemented by a team comprised of Cisco Systems, avodaq, the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), the German Red Cross (DRK), the video interpreting company SAVD and the media and event company MLOVE in response to the influx of refugees entering Germany in 2015. The RFRC impressed the jury as an outstanding social innovation in the field of health and nutrition on a global level. We are delighted to be a part of this excellent project.

Aspirin Social Innovation Award
RFRC project wins Aspirin Social Innovation Award


avodaq Presented with the Marketing Sales Excellence Award

2016 was a successful year for the company avodaq AG, especially in the small and medium-sized business sector, in which we were able to launch a multitude of innovative projects. Our strong partnership with Cisco has now been presented with the Marketing Sales Excellence Award within the scope of the Cisco Winner's Circle. The Winner's Circle is an exclusive community of selected Cisco partners and offers us a wonderful opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with other partner companies and receive exclusive insights into the developments taking place at Cisco.

We look forward to our continued cooperation and many exciting projects with Cisco in 2017.

Johanna Ahrens with Award
Johanna Ahrens (avodaq) with Milo Schacher, Dirk Blickberndt and John Donovan from Cisco


Asia Pacific Conference in Hong Kong Confirms Good Outlook for German Companies

After the Cisco Partner Summit in San Francisco, our CEO Andreas Kusch participated in the Asia Pacific Conference of the German economy in Hong Kong, which takes place every two years. The German Business Secretary Sigmar Gabriel welcomed more than one thousand representatives of renowned German companies that are active in Asia. The various panel discussions and lectures reflected the current events in the region. Most of the participants were very confident in terms of the business prospects, based on the steady growth of China and the good development of the ASEAN States. avodaq has been represented with an own subsidiary in Singapore since the beginning of 2006. Since the end of 2015, we have also expanded our engagement to the Philippines.

Andreas Kusch and Wolfgang Niedermark
Andreas Kusch and Wolfgang Niedermark, CEO of AHK Hong Kong
Panel discussion at Asia-Pacific Conference in Hong Kong
Panel discussion at Asia-Pacific Conference


Cisco Partner Summit puts Customer Success at the Center of Attention

This week, our CEO Andreas Kusch and Johanna Ahrens, manager of the Change Management department, attended the Cisco Partner Summit in San Francisco and have gathered exciting impressions. This year Cisco emphasized the benefit for the customer, the customer success which arises from the implementation of various IT architectures, and made it the central subject. In the future, the customers will be advised even more intensively to utilize the full range of functions of their Cisco solutions. avodaq has already been doing this for 4 years and thus, is regarded as a forerunner among the Cisco partners.

Auditorium at Cisco Partner Summit 2016
Skyline of San Francisco


The Power of Connection

In the past the Refugee First Response Center ( RFRC ) has already been in the spotlight of media attention. We are proud to be a part of this collective project and effort and together with Cisco Germany, the DRK Kreisverband Hamburg Altona und Mitte e.V., the UKE-Universitätsklinikum Hamburg Eppendorf and MLOVE have achieved something this great. Now there is an impressive  documentary  about the RFRC. Thanks to the  Dorit und Alexander Otto Stiftung  for the support of the project and to Mirko Bass and all the involved participants for the joint work and the great film.



27th International Alsterlauf - avodaq Finished Strong!

Yesterday, on September 11th , accompanied by beautiful summer weather, we were yet again able to experience another sporting highlight in the history of avodaq: the 27. International Alsterlauf! Together with 4.700 runners and 726 participants of the German championships and seniors championships, 3 colleagues took their places on the starting line and all completed the 10 km effortlessly - of course with an Instinct for Success.



avodaq & Friends Attend the Cyclassics Event for the 10th Time

Following the tradition of the last years, in 2016 avodaq participated again in the annual Cyclassics event. For the 10th time a motivated group made up of a total of 20 colleagues and friends came together to form this year’s team. The majority decided in favour of the 55 / 60 km track, three participants of our team even conquered the long track of 100 km.

Together with a total of 20,000 hobby cyclists as well as 160 professionals, our athletes came together on Sunday morning in Hamburg’s city centre to produce an exciting and successful race. We are proud of our colleagues and already looking forward to the Cyclassics 2017.



Trainee Program for System Engineers will Start this September in Frankfurt

After the selection procedure has been finished, our participants for the 2016 avodaq trainee program are fixed. Starting for our seven trainees will be the beginning of September. In the four months there will be a variety of technical workshops to establish a necessary foundation to build on.

A mixture of the fixed framework in combination with individually chosen tasks – including two weeks’ worth self-study – will offer exciting challenges for both trainees and coaches. The first milestone for all participants will be the „CCNA Routing & Switching“ exam at the end of September.



Simplify Your IT - Our New Partner simpliVity is on a Mission

Since October we offer the solutions OmniStack and OmniCube of simpliVity. Besides computing power and data storage, they provide all important infrastructure services, such as virtualization, servers, storage, backup and WAN optimization and cloud gateway supply. With the simpliVity-appliances the IT infrastructure is simplified in the datacenter and reduces acquisition costs as well as operating expenses. Typical applications are consolidations of data centers, high-availability scenarios and the implementation of field offices concepts. Efficient, flexible, scalable, cost-effective.

Our certified engineers will support you, even with your most complex projects. Please contact us for more information.


Instinct for Movement

avodaq Pte. LTD. Instinct for Success Engagement

avodaq Ptd. Ltd.

Success is no fluke

avodaq has been a leading provider of IT communications and infrastructure solutions from 1997 to today. We provide services from our four locations across Germany as well as branches in Singapore and New York. With about 120 highly qualified employees, we generated revenues of over EUR 33 million in 2015.

As a system integrator, avodaq stands for quality, reliability, and superior expertise: We successfully implement projects where others have given up.

We offer our clients qualified services, timely procurement of hardware and software, reliable service, maintenance, and operational services.

avodaq is more than a system integrator, our product portfolio includes training as well as comprehensive change management services. Through these measures, we ensure that our IT solutions can be easily used by our costumer's employees and therefore create real added value. 

From our German offices in Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich, we serve customers in Germany (including X DAX-listed companies), Europe and North America. Since 2006 we have been in Singapore for our multinational customers. These customers are in the Asian region including Australia and New Zealand and we serve them with the same high quality that our European and North American customers have grown to expect.

Instinct for Success

Our instinct – your success

We have a passion for technology and a unique sense of subtlety. From the wide range of what is available on the IT market, we develop solutions that will assure you maximum success with certified quality.

Meeting a new challenge successfully requires two things: expertise and instinct. We do not immediately adopt every new “innovation” without a critical review. This ensures that our customers gain a genuine benefit.

This is why we invest massively in quality assurance measures. We do not have a single ‘best’, but a team of the best. Young engineers go through an intensive six-month training period before they are carefully introduced to real projects. Our colleagues regularly sit for new tests that certify their development – including the most recognized and most difficult tests for system engineers to become a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE). We have the highest proportion of high- and highest-level Cisco-certified staff worldwide.

However, the technical implementation of a solution is only one side of the coin. We also work according to certified standards (PRINCE2 and ITIL) in project management and in our service sector. Here too, our specialists take the corresponding exams.


We live the networks

Our commitment to associations is long-term and strategic. This ensures we have strong and important representations in our domestic as well as the growing Far East market.


BITKOM represents the interests of the Germany-based IT industry including political circles and broader society.

The Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry & Commerce

The Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry & Commerce is an important starting point for German companies in Singapore and Southeast Asia, this also being important for our customers. As one of the few exclusive GOLD members, we particularly support the activities of the Chamber.

OAV - German Asia-Pacific Business Association

The community of interests of German companies active in Asia is supported by several key organizations including the Asia Pacific Committee (APA) of the German Economy as well as by the BDI, DIHK, BGA and the Banking Association. The APA unites interests regarding the general economy as well as economic policy in Germany with concerns in this region. 

Instinct for Tomorrow


Change equals chance?

Change is constant in the IT world, but not every change brings the promised benefits. It is the most relevant changes that must be identified and quickly made use of for the benefit of the customer.

Megatrends have a considerable impact on the world we live in. Almost always, they are related to the developments in the IT industry. Our expertise and what we do make us more than just an attentive observer of these developments.

Our tasks include comprehending the changes in detail and advising our clients on impacts and measures. Here it is often down to instinct, a sense for where the wind is blowing, which helps us realize what impact the changes will bring. Currently we are focusing on three areas of development: IT Cloud as a service, Industry 4.0, and Bring Your Own device.

Cloud – IT as a service

Mobilize your IT

The “Cloudisation" of IT has changed how we do things, and it has affected the IT infrastructure as well. The variety of offers accessible over the Internet that can be called up on mobile devices poses growing challenges to the IT sector.

From the point of view of the end device, the origin of an IT service can no longer be recognized by the user. Quite naturally the user takes advantage of its data and applications, apparently from “the cloud”, as and when he wishes. For him, the only thing that matters, is that everything can be accessed quickly when and where it is required. For IT, that means increasing agility and flexibility – while steadily lowering costs.

The technical possibilities are immense: Server and client virtualization, broadband Internet access, location-independent data center architectures, laptops, tablets and smartphones, HTML portals and social media. All of these making rapid inroads into today's enterprise IT and changing the demands in this area.
Frequent vocabulary that comes up in the forums and discussions – such as public-, private-, trusted-, German-, inter-, and hybrid-clouds – makes it difficult to gain an overview. Which is important? Which is correct? We discuss with our customers the benefits of a cloud solution for their business and advise them on what cloud structures could be used.

Industry 4.0

The revolution in production

Many experts believe we are standing on the threshold of a new industrial revolution. IT and the Internet allow a new, highly flexible, high-volume production with a strong customization of products.

German Chancellor Merkel has recognized this: "It is important that we build on the ‘Industry 4.0’ platform." IT is the basic prerequisite for that, for automating processes and procedures in the Internet of things to a new level of quality. Self-optimization, self-configuration and self-diagnostics are features of a development that demonstrate how intelligent the production of tomorrow will be.

We at avodaq have grasped the possibilities inherent in Industry 4.0 from very early on and are prepared to advise our customers comprehensively from the IT perspective.

Bring your own device

My IT is your IT

If IT pleases those who use it and rely on it, then it’s successful. This success is demonstrated by a growing number of intensive IT-users. Companies are also seeing staff bringing their own devices to the workplace – what risks and opportunities does this bring?

Convenient shopping around the clock in online stores, finding answers from an infinite wealth of information with a single click, keeping up social contacts in the private network – people have grown accustomed to using IT anytime, anywhere, comfortably and easily. And so they bring their "private IT solution" to their workplaces as well, because they don’t want to miss out on how useful they are.

From the perspective of the employer, work done on the private end-unit naturally seems practical and efficient. But thinking of it in terms of cost alone is a bit shortsighted: Companies need to develop strategies which weigh up the resulting risks and opportunities.

avodaq gives advice to companies and develops solutions that are sensible while simultaneously offering security.


Smart advice – with smart IT

We rack our brains today to make sure your IT does not leave you with a headache tomorrow. The results are smart solutions individually adapted to your needs and requirements as well as saving resources.

Smart IT


Smart solutions – save time, save on communication paths, and save energy

Remote Expert

The remote expert is always there when everyone else has gone home. Through a very high quality video telephony, client and expert come together, building a sense of intimicy and trust across the distance. The expert pitches in – and, using special software can take over the controls of input and output devices at the remote site, such as a desk in an agency or bank, in order to fully serve the client.

Smart City

Cities grow – and so do the challenges facing them. How can scarce resources such as energy and water be managed more efficiently? Or waste products? Smart IT solutions help to answer the big questions of a big city. Finding a parking spot, for example. In some cities today, motorists nearing their destination are guided by the navigation system directly to the nearest parking lot. How smart is this.

Smart Building

Must an IT system in the data center and workplace run at full power at night and on weekends? In a ‘smart’ building, network connections and phones can be switched into energy saving mode as soon the office lights go out. And once many offices are no longer staffed, servers can also be run at reduced performance. In summary, a significant energy saving potential is created. Intelligent buildings: a green investment.


IT needs Change Management

Only if people accept and use IT at the workplace can they fully develop its ability to enhance efficiency. Change management motivates individuals and ensures that teams work better together.

Boosting efficiency: easy-to-use communication means are no longer good enough for that. Only together, with actively practiced change management, can the desired effects and a level of cooperation, characterized by greater precision and confidence, be achieved.

Change management requires three steps: Understanding, recognition, and application.
This is precisely the path we go down with our tried and tested methods and means. To master those steps we explain how to use video, telephone, chat and online meetings in the context of your in-company procedures and activities.

This aids colleagues in a team to create the change together – and to fully exploit the strengths of their new communication solution.

Every now and then the well known ‘kick’ is needed to get it up and running – but then it runs like clockwork!

IT architecture

Take advantage of coordinated designs and expert know-how

Cisco ONE Enterprise Networks

The Cisco Open Network Environment (ONE) Enterprise Networks Architecture extends the SDN concept through comprehensive transparency for the physical and virtual infrastructure. Using the Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) Enterprise Module creates an infrastructure in both branch offices and headquarters that is open, fully programmable, and more automated. Applications and networks recognize each other.

Cisco Unified Data Center

The Cisco Unified Data Center improves the efficiency of data centers by merging computing, storage, network, virtualization, and management on a single platform. This simplifies operation and increases flexibility – two crucial aspects of IT-as-a-service and cloud computing.

Cisco Collaboration architecture

Unlike in purely technical architectures, the Cisco Collaboration Architecture involves the end user and the specific local circumstances. The work at the desk, an appointment with colleagues by video conference, or taking part in an online meeting are fundamental parameters of a collaboration architecture. A first class foundation consisting of typical IT infrastructure is brought into line with modern communication technology applications.


The heart of IT service generation and data storage


The IT generator. ‘Virtualized’ today means that an element of hardware carries many servers. The server is only a logical unit with an operating system hooked up to a data center network somewhere.

High Density Switching

To shift a lot of data in a very short time one needs high bandwidth, reliability, interface flexibility and an eye on the cabling costs.


In data processing, memory is fundamental to the entire operation as a backup, as a fast medium for saving or retrieving information, or for the highest requirements in real-time processing.

Data Center Management

The regulation of "the orderly business cycle": Routines, provisioning, monitoring and lifecycle-management.


The heart of a virtualized data center, here virtual machines (servers) are created, managed, orchestrated and separated logically from the hardware.

Desktop and application virtualization

The separation of the application from the client's hardware and operating system allows flexible handling with the application – when one is connected.


The optimal infrastructure for your data transport


A LAN is based on the Ethernet transmission standard, which serves for the transmission of IP packets in the network. Switches and routers are the switching units for all kinds of data.


The speeds in the WLAN significantly increase with almost every other generation of end device. The WLAN infrastructures must grow with them and become more intelligent.


WANs are the long-distance routes in the corporate network and are mapped by the service provider. For WAN customers, the WAN is an exclusive medium for their own purposes.


Everyone under the same conditions uses the central medium for data transfer. However, it requires sophisticated security measures that protect against threats.

Virtual Private Networks

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) provide a secure channel through a public network by using encryption technology. This is essential for mobile users.

Service Provider Grade Networks

Service provider networks aggregate the traffic of the entire clientele in the access layer, transport it over the backbone structures and distribute it further to neighboring service providers.


Collaboration needs exchange

Success is not a solo affair; it is the work of a community. Collaboration aims to improve cooperation within the team to keep technical possibilities of “how-where-what and always keeping communications open".

Our collaboration solutions consist of different combinable modules, such as telephone, chat, video, etc. They function reliably and are easy to use. With active change management we introduce the devices and applications to colleagues. We explain the benefits and show the combination of work and technology using practical examples.

Is a phone still even a phone? Yes and no. The technology, which the user needs not see or even grasp, is Voice over IP (VoIP) with a telephone system, which is implemented as software on a server in the data center. Since the late 1990s it has almost completely replaced classic ISDN or analog technology, in only 15 years.

The evolution in the end-device market continues: with smartphones, softphones, tablet-computer-phones and video phones. Concepts such as Bring Your Own device (BYOD) are already going in another direction.

Collaboration needs exchange
Better collaboration with the right combination of tools


Security builds trust.

Security – an indispensable component when it comes to building trust, and at the same time a theme that will be in great demand in the near future. We tool up your IT to protect it from unauthorized access.

IT Security


Being able to do more creates added value

With avodaq you will find not only a broad spectrum of project services. We also deliver hard- and software components worldwide and, using change management, we win acceptance for new solutions.

We start working earlier, so that we can put in a longer working day on your behalf. Our service starts before the implementation, with the procurement. And after implementation, we worry about the most sensitive interface of them all: with people. To be more precise, we worry about your employees. Our personal attentiveness helps us break down barriers and get your IT “out on the road", this bringing in added value more quickly.

Our service range

At the end, what counts is what we do for you


Our core competence is as an experienced expert in communication technologies.

Design and architecture

Cross-system expertise is the basis for coordinated solutions.
Looking beyond the actual scope of the project and recognizing the next issues is extremely important.

Procurement and supply

Rapid and coordinated deliveries are at the heart of project success. We deliver our products to customers worldwide.

Planning and Projectmanagement

Our project managers work consistently according to PRINCE2 (PRojects IN controlled environments).


With our experienced teamwork, installing and implementing various systems poses no problem for us. Certified knowledge can be tapped into at any time and ensures quality.

Acceptance and delivery

Diligence is paramount: We familiarize your department with the new technology and introduce you to it properly.

Change Management

We get your staff ready. Bringing company employees up to speed is the most important discipline after the technical handover. The objective: The users should make the new opportunities a part of their everyday work.


The administration: reliable, flexible, agile. From the avodaq Service Center (ASC) or on-site, we support you in all aspects of the administration.

Maintenance and service

Our ASC helps our customers around the clock 365 days a year and secures operations in the event of a breakdown. The manufacturer support center can be directly involved at any time.


Regular review of the requirements for the existing level of performance of the installed solutions, alignment with market developments.


Imparting tried and tested expertise: avodaq has been one of the most experienced training providers since 1997.


Better help – and faster

We’re here for you in the avodaq Service Center (ASC), with our large team of specialists. For all IT issues that may come up after successful completion of the project, 365 days a year. We have flexible support models for individual customer requirements.

3rd Level Support/Helpdesk

Our customers operate their systems on their own. Only occasionally do they want to discuss complex questions with an expert or get a second opinion.
If a fault occurs or the support of the device manufacturer is needed, our system engineers trained in service processes step into the picture.


We take over responsibility for small sections or entire units of the IT infrastructure. This helps us seamlessly adapt the standards and processes of our customers, as if we were part of the internal IT organization.

Managed Service

Our customers determine their own manufacturing depth and cover the outstanding demand individually and according to consumption. We provide IT services right from the “power point" and submit our accounts based on a desired model.

Instinct for Cooperation


Our partners

A’s work with A’s

We set store by the highest quality, sustainable service, and continuous and long-term innovations. We therefore rely for our solutions on products and architectures from the world's leading manufacturers.

Our Partners

Cisco Systems
Our focus lies on the systems from Cisco systems. The pillars are the technology fields of Enterprise Networks, Data Centers, Collaboration, Security and Smart Solutions.

Microsoft is a key partner in operating systems, Hypervisor, Email, Directory, Network and Collaboration Services.

Riverbed excels in excellent solutions for accelerating and securing critical connections in Wide Area Networks.

More partners

Our partners

The biggest, plus the biggest in their field

NetApp provides outstanding systems in the Data Center storage area.

EMC² provides outstanding systems in the Data Center storage section.

VMware is the global leader in virtualization solutions in the data center and on the end device.

Derdack provides modern alarm systems for quick help in critical situations.

Sikom is a leading German manufacturer of sophisticated call center software.

Bucher & Suter
Bucher&Suter is supplier of special software and expertise for dealing with complex challenges in the call center environment.

JDM Software
JDM software with the Peter Connects product offers a very widespread solution for a central telephone exchange.

Enghouse (Andtek)
Enghouse (Andtek) has recognized and highly regarded functional extensions for the Cisco telephony solutions.

Jabra offers high-quality headsets that have become an indispensable feature of the workplace.

Plantronics offers high-quality headsets that have become an indispensable feature of the workplace.

Instinct for Career



Do you have the right instinct?


We are looking for new colleagues with the instinct for success, to develop new solutions for our customers. Can you help us to be even more successful?


What we offer:

Fitness First Company Membership
Membership Bitkom
Flexible Working
Flat Hierarchies
Homeoffice possible


Current Jobs

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Instinct for Connection


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Bei Verträgen mit Unternehmern behalten wir uns das Eigentum an der Ware bis zur vollständigen Begleichung aller Forderungen aus einer laufenden Geschäftsbeziehung vor.
Der Kunde ist verpflichtet, die Ware pfleglich zu behandeln. Sofern Wartungs- und Inspektionsarbeiten erforderlich sind, hat der Kunde diese auf eigene Kosten regelmäßig durchzuführen.
Der Kunde ist verpflichtet, uns einen Zugriff Dritter auf die Ware, etwa im Falle einer Pfändung, sowie etwaige Beschädigungen oder die Vernichtung der Ware unverzüglich mitzuteilen. Einen Besitzwechsel der Ware sowie den eigenen Wohn- Geschäftssitzwechsel hat uns der Kunde unverzüglich anzuzeigen.
Wir sind berechtigt, bei vertragswidrigem Verhalten des Kunden, insbesondere bei Zahlungsverzug oder bei Verletzung einer Pflicht nach Ziff. 3. und 4. dieser Bestimmung, vom Vertrag zurückzutreten und die Ware herauszuverlangen.
Der Kunde ist berechtigt, die Ware im ordentlichen Geschäftsgang weiterzuveräußern. Er tritt uns bereits jetzt alle Forderungen in Höhe des Rechnungsbetrages ab, die ihm durch die Weiterveräußerung gegen einen Dritten erwachsen. Wir nehmen die Abtretung an. Nach der Abtretung ist der Unternehmer zur Einziehung der Forderung ermächtigt. Wir behalten uns vor, die Forderung selbst einzuziehen, sobald der Unternehmer seinen Zahlungsverpflichtungen nicht ordnungsgemäß nachkommt und in Zahlungsverzug gerät.
Die Be- und Verarbeitung der Ware durch den Kunden erfolgt stets im Namen und im Auftrag für uns. Erfolgt eine Verarbeitung mit uns nicht gehörenden Gegenständen, so erwerben wir an der neuen Sache das Miteigentum im Verhältnis zum Wert der von uns gelieferten Ware zu den sonstigen verarbeiteten Gegenständen. Dasselbe gilt, wenn die Ware mit anderen, uns nicht gehörenden Gegenständen vermischt ist.

§ 4 Vergütung

Die vereinbarte Vergütung ist für vier Monate ab Vertragsschluss bindend. Bei Unternehmern (Handel, Industrie, Dienstleister, freie Berufe) ist die vereinbarte Vergütung der Nettopreis zuzüglich der jeweils geltenden Mehrwertsteuer. Bei Unternehmern sind wir berechtigt, eine Preisanpassung vorzunehmen, wenn insbesondere durch Wechselkursschwankungen Preissteigerungen zu verzeichnen sind.
Bei Unternehmern erfolgt die Versendung unfrei auf dessen Kosten zuzüglich Verpackungskosten.
Der Kunde kann die Vergütung per Nachnahme, Rechnung oder Kreditkarte leisten.
Nicht bare Zahlungen erfolgen lediglich erfüllungshalber und gelten erst mit unwiderruflicher Gutschrift als Zahlung. Kosten der Einziehung und Einlösung gehen zu Lasten des Kunden.
Der Kunde verpflichtet sich, nach Erhalt der Ware innerhalb von 10 Tagen den Kaufpreis zu zahlen. Nach Ablauf dieser Frist kommt der Kunde in Zahlungsverzug.
Der Unternehmer hat während des Verzugs die Geldschuld in Höhe von 8% über dem Basiszinssatz zu verzinsen. Gegenüber dem Unternehmer behalten wir uns vor, einen höheren Verzugsschaden nachzuweisen und geltend zu machen.
Der Kunde hat ein Recht zur Aufrechnung nur, wenn seine Gegenansprüche rechtskräftig festgestellt oder durch uns anerkannt wurden.
Der Kunde kann ein Zurückbehaltungsrecht nur ausüben, wenn sein Gegenanspruch auf demselben Vertragsverhältnis beruht.
Reisespesen und Honorarkosten für Dritte sind vom Kunden gegen Vorlage der Belege zu erstatten, sofern der Kunde diese Kosten im Einzelfall beauftragt hatte.

§ 6 Mitwirkungspflichten des Kunden

Der Kunde räumt der avodaq AG die räumliche und zeitliche Gelegenheit zur Durchführung der Leistungen und Einhaltung vereinbarter Leistungszeiten ein. Der Kunde wird der avodaq AG während der Vorbereitung und der Durchführung der Leistungen jede notwendige und zumutbare Unterstützung gewähren.
Der Kunde ist für angemessene Umfeldbedingungen und die ordnungsgemäße Nutzung der in den Vertrag einbezogenen Geräte und Programme verantwortlich. Vor Arbeiten an seinen Geräten und/oder Programmen wird der Kunde alle Programme und Daten selbständig sichern und auf externen Datenträgern speichern.
Der Kunde wird alle für die Durchführung von Arbeiten vor Ort erforderlichen Einrichtungen (einschließlich Telefonverbindungen und Übertragungsleitungen etc.) auf seine Kosten zur Verfügung stellen.
Bei Serviceverträgen sind der avodaq AG Änderungen des Aufstellungsortes der betroffenen Geräte oder Systeme rechtzeitig schriftlich mitzuteilen. Plant der Kunde Änderungen oder Erweiterungen der von einem Servicevertrag erfassten Hard- oder Software oder ihrer Zusammensetzung, wird er der avodaq AG unverzüglich von diesen Planungen unterrichten, damit die avodaq AG sich vor der Ausführung rechtzeitig auf die Änderungen einstellen kann und gegebenenfalls einen erweiterten Service anbieten und vorbereiten kann. Erklärt die avodaq AG sich mit den Maßnahmen nicht einverstanden oder unterlässt der Kunde die Mitteilung, entfallen die Leistungspflichten der avodaq AG im Hinblick auf die von den Änderungen betroffene Hard- und/oder Software. Auf die vom Kunden zu zahlenden Servicegebühren hat dies keinen Einfluss.
Die avodaq AG erhält vom Kunden auf Wunsch eine aktuelle Liste mit autorisierten Ansprechpartnern.
Der Kunde muss die Lizenzrechte für die bei einem Releasewechsel zu installierende Software haben bzw. erwerben.
Der Kunde erkennt die Lizenz- und Urheberbedingungen der jeweiligen Hersteller für von der avodaq AG gelieferte Fremdsoftware ausdrücklich an.
Der Kunde hat die notwendige und rechtzeitige Mitwirkung der von ihm beauftragten oder mit ihm verbundenen Unternehmen zu gewährleisten. Das betrifft vor allem die Bereitstellung aller notwendigen Leistungsvoraussetzungen und Informationen oder Daten sowie die notwendige personelle Unterstützung. Die avodaq AG trifft insoweit keine Verantwortung, insbesondere falls es mangels Mitwirkung zu Verzögerungen oder Leistungsstörungen kommt.

§ 7 Gefahrübergang

Ist der Käufer Unternehmer, geht die Gefahr des zufälligen Untergangs und der zufälligen Verschlechterung der Ware mit der Übergabe, beim Versendungskauf mit der Auslieferung der Sache an den Spediteur, den Frachtführer oder der sonst zur Ausführung der Versendung bestimmten Person oder Anstalt (Lieferant), auf den Käufer über. Der Unternehmer hat die gelieferte Ware unverzüglich auf offensichtliche Transportschäden zu untersuchen und gegenüber dem Lieferanten schriftlich zu rügen.
Der Übergabe steht es gleich, wenn der Käufer im Verzug der Annahme ist.

§ 8 Gewährleistung

Wir leisten für Mängel der Ware zunächst nach unserer Wahl Gewähr durch Nachbesserung oder Ersatzlieferung.
Schlägt die Nacherfüllung fehl, kann der Kunde grundsätzlich nach seiner Wahl Herabsetzung der Vergütung (Minderung) oder Rückgängigmachung des Vertrags (Rücktritt) verlangen. Bei einer nur geringfügigen Vertragswidrigkeit, insbesondere bei nur geringfügigen Mängeln, steht dem Kunden jedoch kein Rücktrittsrecht zu.
Offensichtliche Mängel sind uns innerhalb einer Frist von zwei Wochen ab Empfang der Ware schriftlich anzeigen; andernfalls ist die Geltendmachung des Gewährleistungsanspruchs ausgeschlossen. Zur Fristwahrung genügt die rechtzeitige Absendung. Den Kunden trifft die volle Beweislast für sämtliche Anspruchsvoraussetzungen, insbesondere für den Mangel selbst, für den Zeitpunkt der Feststellung des Mangels und für die Rechtzeitigkeit der Mängelrüge.
Wählt der Kunde wegen eines Rechts- oder Sachmangels nach gescheiterter Nacherfüllung den Rücktritt vom Vertrag, steht ihm daneben kein Schadensersatzanspruch wegen des Mangels zu.
Wählt der Kunde nach gescheiteter Nacherfüllung Schadensersatz, verbleibt die Ware beim Kunden, wenn ihm dies zumutbar ist. Der Schadensersatz beschränkt sich auf die Differenz zwischen Kaufpreis und Wert der mangelhaften Sache. Dies gilt nicht, wenn wir die Vertragsverletzung arglistig verursacht haben.
Die Gewährleistungsfrist beträgt ein Jahr ab Ablieferung der Ware. Bei gebrauchten Sachen ist die Gewährleistung ausgeschlossen. Dies gilt nicht, wenn der Kunde uns den Mangel nicht rechtzeitig angezeigt hat (Ziff. 3 dieser Bestimmung).
Als Beschaffenheit der Ware gilt grundsätzlich nur die Produktbeschreibung des Herstellers als vereinbart. Öffentliche Äußerungen, Anpreisungen oder Werbung des Herstellers stellen daneben keine vertragsgemäße Beschaffenheitsangabe der Ware dar.
Erhält der Kunde eine mangelhafte Montageanleitung, sind wir lediglich zur Lieferung einer mangelfreien Montageanleitung verpflichtet und dies auch nur dann, wenn der Mangel der Montageanleitung der ordnungsgemäßen Montage entgegensteht.
Garantien im Rechtssinne erhält der Kunde durch uns nicht. Herstellergarantien bleiben hiervon unberührt.

§ 9 Haftungsbeschränkungen

Bei leicht fahrlässigen Pflichtverletzungen beschränkt sich unsere Haftung auf den nach der Art der Ware vorhersehbaren, vertragstypischen, unmittelbaren Durchschnittsschaden. Dies gilt auch bei leicht fahrlässigen Pflichtverletzungen unserer gesetzlichen Vertreter oder Erfüllungsgehilfen.
Gegenüber Unternehmern haften wir bei leicht fahrlässiger Verletzung unwesentlicher Vertragspflichten nicht.
Die vorstehenden Haftungsbeschränkungen betreffen nicht Ansprüche des Kunden aus Produkthaftung. Weiter gelten die Haftungsbeschränkungen nicht bei uns zurechenbaren Körper- und Gesundheitsschäden oder bei Verlust des Lebens des Kunden.
Schadensersatzansprüche des Kunden wegen eines Mangels verjähren nach einem Jahr ab Ablieferung der Ware. Dies gilt nicht, wenn uns Arglist vorwerfbar ist.

§ 10 Lizenz- und Urheberrechte

Der Kunde ist verpflichtet, die lizenz- und urheberrechtlichen Bedingungen der Hersteller und Lieferanten einzuhalten.
Der Kunde ist berechtigt, die ihm zur Durchführung des Vertrages zur Verfügung gestellten Programme, Zeichnungen, Verfahrensbeschreibungen und sonstigen Unterlagen für den vertraglich vorgesehenen Gebrauch zu verwenden. Sämtliche Urheberrechte und weitergehende Nutzungsrechte verbleiben bei der avodaq AG. Eine über den notwendigen vertraglichen Gebrauch hinausgehende Verwendung, Vervielfältigung und Überlassung an Dritte ist dem Kunden nicht gestattet.
Entsteht durch die Leistungen der avodaq AG ein Urheberrecht, erhält der Kunde ein einfaches, nicht übertragbares Nutzungsrecht im Rahmen seines Geschäftsbetriebs.
Die Übertragung von Eigentums-, Urheber- und Nutzungsrechten erfolgt nur gegen entsprechende Vergütung.

§ 11 Verschwiegenheit und Datenschutz

Informationen, die im Rahmen dieses Vertrages von einer Vertragspartei der anderen mitgeteilt werden, sind streng vertraulich. Die avodaq AG und der Auftraggeber sind verpflichtet, über alle Tatsachen, die Ihnen im Zusammenhang mit dem Beratervertrag bekannt werden, auch über die Dauer des Vertrages hinaus, Stillschweigen zu bewahren. Die avodaq AG ist zur Einhaltung der gesetzlichen Bestimmungen über den Datenschutz verpflichtet. Diese Verpflichtungen hat die avodaq AG auch den von ihr zur Vertragserfüllung herangezogenen Mitarbeitern aufzuerlegen.
Ohne unsere ausdrückliche schriftliche Zustimmung ist nicht gestattet, Unterlagen und vertrauliche Informationen ganz oder teilweise, gleich in welcher Art, zu kopieren oder zu transferieren, zu entfernen, an Dritte weiterzugeben oder Dritten davon Kenntnis zu geben.
Nach Beendigung eines jeweiligen Auftrages ist jede Vertragspartei verpflichtet, sämtliche Unterlagen mit vertraulichen Informationen zurückzugeben

§ 12 Schlussbestimmungen

Der Auftraggeber gestattet der avodaq AG, ihn unter Wahrung der Geheimhaltungsbestimmungen als Referenz zu benennen.
Die avodaq AG ist berechtigt, den Vertrag ganz oder teilweise durch Dritte ausführen zu lassen, sofern der Kunde dem nicht ausdrücklich unter Darlegung wichtiger Gründe widerspricht.
Die Abtretung von Rechten und Ansprüchen aus dem Vertrag bedarf der vorherigen schriftlichen Zustimmung der anderen Vertragspartei. Ausgenommen ist die Abtretung von Vergütungsansprüchen von der avodaq AG.
Änderungen und Ergänzungen dieses Vertrages bedürfen der Schriftform, ebenso der Verzicht auf die Schriftform selbst. Die Schriftform ist nur gewahrt, wenn Änderungen oder Ergänzungen zu diesem Vertrag als solche bezeichnet, schriftlich abgefasst und von beiden Parteien rechtsverbindlich unterzeichnet sind.
Gerichtsstand ist bei allen sich aus dem Vertragsverhältnis ergebenen Streitigkeiten der Geschäftssitz von der avodaq AG, wenn der Auftraggeber Vollkaufmann im Sinne des Handelsgesetzbuches, eine juristische Person des öffentlichen Rechts oder ein öffentlich-rechtliches Sondervermögen ist. Die avodaq AG ist auch berechtigt, am Gerichtsstand des Auftraggebers zu klagen.
Sollten einzelne Bestimmungen dieser Geschäftsbedingungen ganz oder zum Teil unwirksam sein oder werden, wird davon die Wirksamkeit der übrigen Bestimmungen nicht berührt. Die Vertragsparteien sind in diesem Fall verpflichtet, die Bestimmungen so auszulegen und zu gestalten, dass der mit den nichtigen oder rechtsunwirksamen Teilen angestrebte wirtschaftliche Erfolg soweit wie möglich erreicht wird.
Diese Geschäftsbedingungen unterliegen dem Recht der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.