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In Focus: The IT Service Security Analyst

Florian Shares Insights into the Position and His Team


18. Jun 2024 | 3 min.

Orange Wand mit Überwachungskameras
Florian Neubauer, Team Lead IT Security Services auf dem Rad

Hello Florian, thank you for taking the time to talk to us. Please introduce yourself briefly. 

I’m Florian Neubauer, 37 years old, live in Munich and have been on the avodaq team as Team Lead for IT Security Services since April 2023. However, I’ve been in IT since 2003 and learnt about networks and security from the very beginning. For several years now, my focus has primarily been on strategic and conceptual work. I am also an enthusiastic and ambitious cyclist, which gives me the perfect balance to my office job.

We are currently looking for an IT Service Security Analyst (m/f/d) to join your team. What does this position involve?

A security analyst is primarily responsible for reacting to security events and incidents in our customers’ environments, analysing them and initiating appropriate response measures or making recommendations for action. That’s very exciting. But our traditional SOC work goes even further: developing workflows and playbooks, connecting new systems and solutions, developing AI-based and automated response activities, further developing the platform and handling security events in depth, right through to eliminating vulnerabilities in the customer infrastructure. A real playground for any cybersecurity analyst! Another great thing is that you work hand in hand with our customers and work closely together as a team.

The position is a real playground for every cybersecurity analyst!

What challenges does an IT service security analyst face?

Every day is different. We are constantly confronted with new threats and have to act quickly, calmly and effectively. This is incredibly exciting, but of course also challenging. You should know that. We need the right expertise for our work. That’s why we regularly undergo further training and certify ourselves as a team so that we can demonstrate the professionalism and expertise required for our tasks.

What skills are essential for this position?

The ability to work in a team, professionalism, calmness and curiosity are particularly important for this position. We are a small but highly effective team. The spirit is incredibly infectious and I really want to maintain that. In our work, we are also quickly confronted with far-reaching measures and have to make decisions at management level. This requires prudence and professionalism. The field of IT security is developing incredibly quickly, also due to AI innovations, and it feels like our opponents never sleep. It is therefore important to be open to new ideas and to think outside the box.

The ability to work in a team, professionalism, calmness and curiosity are particularly important in this position.

You mentioned your team earlier. How are you organised? 

We are a total of six colleagues in the Security Services team, based in Berlin, Leipzig, Munich and Stuttgart. What is very important to us in the team is that we work as equals. We try to organise ourselves in such a way that everyone in the team has the tools they need to meet the day-to-day requirements and can train and certify themselves accordingly. The field of cybersecurity is so versatile that we have to adapt to new requirements every day.

In addition to day-to-day business, we are also responsible for the development of our IDR platform, service and further development. I couldn’t imagine a more exciting environment, and with an organisation that offers room for personal fulfilment.

Why do you think the IT security sector is so exciting and future-oriented?

I think that in the next few years, hardly anything will be more important for our customers and our society than ensuring the privacy and integrity of our confidential information. We need to be able to recognise and verify whether calls, emails, videos or voice messages are really who they claim to be.
We need to recognise whether there are hackers in our network and, in particular, we need to be able to take appropriate measures to prevent the worst from happening.

For me personally, this is a really exciting topic and I’m delighted that more and more employees are becoming enthusiastic about it. You certainly never stop learning in this area and you are also making a valuable contribution.

Florian, thank you very much for this interesting insight! Good luck with the recruitment process for the position.